I had always wondered who took the time to sign onto Yelp, create an account, and write about restaurants and bars they'd visited. The owner of the restaurant where I used to work always kept up with Yelps about his place and I was constantly surprised by how often they occurred. Who cared enough to actually think about and write a paragraph concerning a place they'd only been once or twice? If I'd eaten a great burger, for example, my impulse would maybe have been to tell the waiter how happy I was and to send the chef my compliments. I'd never think to go home, sign online, and hunker down to write a blurb about how much I loved that burger. Whoooo would do that?? Well, the answer to my question came last January.

Are you ready?

The Answer Is: I would...yes, I yelped.

(If you can't read it, click on the picture and zoom in. Also, please note that two people voted my entry 'funny'.)

Here's what I enjoy most about my rant. 1. That the second I got home, I marched right over to my computer and let loose (if they posted times, you could see that I wrote this at 4am) 2.The use of all caps to indicate screaming. 3. Colorful, dramatic story-telling. 4. Repetition, especially of the phrase "it is not safe".

I mean, after reading this over, I should maybe consider running for city council or something. I think I have the public's best interest in mind here...

But, really, in defense of that crazy blurb, I HAD been threatened by a screwdriver wielding nut job and was about three Zombie Lemonades in (naturally, we hit up the local tiki bar after we escaped the crazy man).

I don't know if I'll ever Yelp again. I mean, I'm nearly positive I'll never sober yelp but I suppose I now have the answer to my question:

Who yelps?

Me...and a stay at home dad who thinks his kid's chicken fingers took too long to arrive... and a tech savvy grandmother who can smell the trash from the restaurant next door... and a middle aged woman on vacation in the City who found the gelato at Grom absolutely divine. I'm in good company and I think I speak for all of us when I say, "I really hope my yelp helped you. Smiley face."


just a girl said…
I always feel kinda terrible because I totally USE Yelp, but haven't ever and will probably never create my own Yelp posts. It's like when I use Grubhub and have a bad experience, but don't tell anyone about it. Oh well, I'm a user and abuser. What can I say?

Also: I love that in your pic you can see your tabs, one of which is titled How To Screen Grab or something. I. Love. It!
Brittany Felton said…
Hahaa, I was hoping someone would pick up on that! I sat here for an hour trying to figure that out :) Ummm, hello, are you dying about Harry Potter? Life feels different without waiting for another book or movie to come out!
Brittany Felton said…
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