Summer Crabs (A Special Guest Blog)

Heeeeyyy, guess what? I'm writing this blog today. My name's Evan, I'm a funky trendsetter from Missouri who appreciates a fun night out on the town or just a fun night in with friends, of course. Do you guys, ummm, do you guys, like gogurt? Hahahahaha. Teeheeughhahahahheeeeheee. Ha. Ugh. Ha. Are you typing this? You are???? Hahahahahah, ahhhhh, haaaa huh huh. There's a hair in my mouth. Ewww, grosss. Ahhhahahaha, heee heee, I'm gonna peee. A hahaha. Ewww.

O. K.

Here are my most anticipated movies for the rest of 2011:
Ummm, the remake of The Wizard of Oz starring Zooey Deschenel that I lied to Megan Doyle about over a year ago. Which is shot in 3-D, but only Toto is in 3-D. Hahaha.
Cannot, ohhhh, cannot...wait...wait what else comes out this summer?
Hold on, lemme look.
You're typing again??? NO, this is gonna make me sound crazy. NOoooooohhh.
Movies Summer 2011. Nobody's gonna read this. But at least it'll be more interesting than your crazy blog about shut in's....

Cannot wait for Zookeeper. Talking animals are hysterical.

If you haven't seen Bridemides, run don't walk, it is hilarious and heartwarming and the biggest laughfest to hit the multiplex since The Country Bears.

Cowboys and Aliens, obviously.

And then all of the August scary movies: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Fright Night,Final Destination 5, Don't be Afraid of the Dark.

Parnormal Activity 3

Alright, peace out ya'll.

And happiness.

Love, Evan

Transcription by Brittany Felton I, LLC


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