A Super Fine Suggestion!

Maria and Ivy are two of the coolest and sexiest women I know. I met both of them in the TriBeCa restaurant where I worked forever and where they spent about a summer (give or take a few months). Ivy, the fantastically talented fashion designer and Maria, the amazingly business minded graphic designer and photographer, have joined forces and created Visantine, a collection of beautiful and incredibly sexy handmade shirts that will be available for purchase this SATURDAY, JULY 23RD at the HESTER STREET FAIR on Hester and Essex streets from 10-6pm.

They have been working their fingers to the bone and cranked out some STUNNING results. I'm so excited for their debut and hope, if you're in the City, that you'll check them out.

Here are some of my favorites from the collection...

GO, GO, GO. Because honestly, who doesn't love a street fair? Especially when you can buy one-of-a-kind blouses and look cooler than EVERYONE!!!

Congratulations, Ivy and Maria!

Happy Weekend!


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