O.M.F.G. Nighthawk

I'm sorry for you for many reasons if you don't live in New York, but what I'm mostly sorry about today is that you don't get to experience the Nitehawk Cinema. This theater just opened in Williamsburg (ugh, another reason to move to Brooklyn...it took three days to make it out there from Washington Heights)and it is so f'ing awesome. First of all, there are two bars in the building and they have good bourbon. Thank goodness, because according to some dumbfuck law stemming from the Prohibition Era, they can't serve alcohol in the actual theater, that's possibly the Nitehawk's only downfall.
Here's the deal, they serve you dinner. You walk into this tiny theater and there are little two seater tables with menus and the waitress comes and takes your order before the movie starts. Then after you finish eating (gourmet cheesy, limey popcorn, "puppy dogs" aka baby corndogs, tator tots, and deviled eggs, all of which were amazing) you take out the provided paper and pencil and write down your dessert order (homemade ice cream sandwiches, ummm hello!) You then place it in these little paper holders and the waitress comes by to pick it up so you don't have to talk during the movie. Genius, the whole concept, genius. I'm in love. I wish I had better pictures, but somebody wasn't in the mood for posing... Oh, by the way, we saw Submarine and it was medium good. It's worth seeing for the first half.


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