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This is Practice.

I’ve recently started a yoga practice.  It involves waking up, lying in my bed, staring at my ceiling and thinking, “I should do yoga today.” Promptly following that thought, I pick up my phone and I scroll through Instagram for an hour. Then I get up and I make coffee and I sit right back down to stare at the Internet on my computer and on my phone simultaneously. Forty-five minutes into that routine, I generally despise myself enough to (4 out of 10 times) actually find a yoga video on YouTube and do it.

I want to understand yoga. I want to get it. I want to like it. And I want to be good at it. It seems like SUCH a relief to be that in touch with your arms and legs and toes. To have that control and discipline. I’m not very good at discipline.  I am very, very good at relaxing. And VERY, VERY good at procrastinating.

Procrastination is making me sick I think. Maybe it is a lack of Vitamin B12, there's no way of knowing, but I've been feeling so eh. Ehhhh. Like I need to cra…

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