A new lease...

My new life began yesterday when I started working from home. I'm enjoying my new schedule and have done a really great job of actually showering and getting dressed. A fear of mine before this started was that I'd end up with bed sores. I mean, if the option to work from bed was in place, I was pretty sure I'd take it BUT I haven't! Yay for me. Instead, my laziness has manifested itself in my unwillingness to leave the apartment. I've befriended the delivery guy at The Coral Diner. Don't let me fool you, I've had their number stored in my phone for ages, but now that I've ordered from them 5 times in two days, I think the delivery guy and I have started to form an understanding. Today, as he handed me my food, he chuckled and not in a judging way, more in a "I like your outfit today" way. It's sweet and I'm a good tipper. I'll tell you who I have NOT befriended however...this f'ing gnat that somehow got into my room and won't stop biting me. It's making me feel like a crazy meth head because I KNOW it's biting me, I can feel it, but every time I look, he's gone. Okay fine, I haven't actually SEEN the gnat, but I know it's there...I know it. Anyhoodles, I hope my blogs continue to get crazier as I spend more time with myself. Enjoy these pseudo nostalgic pictures I took of my desk where I'm working and of my delivery bag.


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