It. Is. So. Hot.

Duh, I know, it's summer. Usually, I find talking about the weather pretty boring and obvious, (and yeah, it's probably still going to be) but I think it's worth it today because people do funny things to cope with being sweaty in their everyday clothes. Today, my awesome seersucker dress that's from Target but doesn't look like it's from Target, got soaked and dried about 6 times. At one point, when I thought I might black out, I walked into a Verizon store and just stood there. Juuuuuust stood there. The guy working asked if he could help me and I just looked at him. It was slightly awkward but I was stunned by air conditioner and too tired to talk.

I saw the palest man I've ever seen depart the train with his Hawaiian, yes Hawaiian, shirt unbuttoned. I couldn't decide if I hated him or admired him...he had red chest hair and a lot of it and wasn't ashamed to show it (or maybe he was and was actually just THAT HOT).

It's officially "washcloth on bald head" season, ewww, gross. I wonder if they wash those things day to day, I'm voting 'no'.

I saw a hipster with a paper fan today and thought about how awesome it would be to have that fan and actually use it and not just carry it around closed and dangling from my wrist like a douche bag. I was 'this close' to asking her where I could find one just like it but then I realized what I actually want is a battery-powered Spray Fan, much cooler and more ironic (somehow) than a paper fan.

I admire people who hug, hold hands, kiss, rub elbows, or make any human contact really with anyone outside because there is no way you're not getting that person's sweat on you, which I guess is sexy if you like/love the person. Let me tell you though, I had stranger sweat drip on me once and it is worse, much worse, than having random building moisture hit you in the face (that sucks too though).

Shake Shack in Madison Square Park was PACKED. How in the hell can you eat anything greasy outside when it's 107 degrees?

Finally, one last observation. There's always a sunny side and shady side of the street, right? I ALWAYS choose the shady side because it's an easy 10 degrees cooler. Let me ask you something, and I don't care how tiny your shirt and shorts are, why are you walking on the sunny side? It's so much sweatier over there!

Now, here's a picture of Tom Felton (no relation) sweating at the Harry Potter premiere. I borrowed it from DListed, which is linked over there to the right. You should read that blog too. It's funnier than this one.


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