Home sweet home.

There really is no sound more comforting than that of a fire engine. Oh wait, yes there is! FIVE FIRE ENGINES! Last night the whole gang pulled up at two in the morning, sat across the street for approximately seven minutes and then left. I feel like I see this quite often. An overabundance of emergency vehicles that show up, do nothing, and then depart. What is that? Really though, if you're going to wake me up that early, at least put somebody on a gurney or whip out your hose...haha...whip out your hose...that's what she said...

Here's a picture in case that video doesn't work. I'm having major technical difficulties over here!


Fro said…
Grandmommy used to say that in rural Oklahoma, where she grew up, the fire engines would roar out of the stations with sirens blaring. Then stop in front of the drug store so the firemen could buy cigarettes!!! huh?

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