AT LAAAAASSSST!!!! I found the one.

Here are my top three favorite qualities about my new fiancee, Robert Darling.

1. He's knows what he wants.

2. He's self-employed.Here's his business card.

3. He's highly motivated.

And those are just the top three qualities. Runners up included: fearless, driven, great sense of humor, sensible dresser aka SEXY, creative, well groomed moustache, legible handwriting which falls under the category of literate, extroverted, great smile, and perhaps, most of all, he's just the kinda guy you can take with you to a party and not worry about, you know, he can hold his own in a group of people...and I love that.

We haven't set a date yet, but I'll let you all know when I start gathering addresses for the invitations.


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