Super Sophisticated

Once upon a time, I think around the beginning of 2010, my blog started to veer into a sort of "here's pictures of the food I've cooked and isn't my life quaint" direction and stayed that way for a short period. Then I realized I was posting pictures of really disgusting looking soups and writing about things that NO ONE wanted to read about. Today, even with that being said, I've decided to post a "recipe". It's not really a recipe though, it's more me telling you about four ingredients and how to assemble them. Before everyone besides Jess and my mom stop reading, let me give you the reason for this and also warn you that tomorrow I may post a cocktail recipe. This thing is SO EASY to make and you look SO COOL when you put it together for your guests. Evan and I ordered this at a restaurant one time and paid somewhere around $15 (see: super fancy appetizer) for it and then realized how freaking easy it would be to recreate, so here it goes:

1 loaf of bread (preferably something with nuts or just a French baguette)
ricotta cheese

Cut your bread into little slices (crostini), drizzle with olive oil and toast in the oven. Rip up the sage into little pieces, heat up some oil, and quickly fry the sage. Like, quick, throw it in there and take it right out, you just want it crispy. Open your ricotta and stir it just so it's smooth. Take out your bread, put a dollop of ricotta on each crostini, sprinkle a good amount of sage on each, and then drizzle them with honey. Voila! Everyone thinks you're the best host/ess ever.

You're welcome!


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