I've kept you hanging...

Allllright, so I took the holidays and THEN SOME off from blogging. Sorry. I'm so, so sorry. To make up for it though, here's a picture of Gladys that I made beautiful-ish using Picasa.

Since I last wrote, a lot has happened:

I got into my first car accident. But, of course, IT WASN'T MY FAULT, it was some girl who, in a hurry to get to an audition, turned her massive SUV into Gladys' delicate face and knocked her eyeball right out. I'm hoping that can be fixed this week. This curiously happened the day after I mentioned to Jamie that, "It's not MY DRIVING that worries me, I'm a great driver, it's all the other IDIOTS that scare me..." I had to open my big mouth...

My dear friend Liz allowed me the AWESOME opportunity of producing a segment for an upcoming show she is executive producing for TLC. I not only got my first producer credit, I also got to witness a LIVE BIRTH...that's right, live birth. Like, baby shooting out of vagina, me, a camera guy and the family in the room AND the doctor of course. It was pretty ridiculous and special. Great way to kick off the holidays to say the least.

I went home to Atlanta for a week over Christmas and had a great time with my family. Jay and I watched every episode of Game of Thrones, duh, I probably spent 35 hours in my parents' basement watching TV. We even drove to South Carolina for a week to catch up with my mom's side of the family which was wonderful and long overdue. And I got to see my old friend Melanie and catch Kerry and Tibi in passing to grab lunch before I headed back to L.A.

Jamie and I moved on January 1st into the cutest little apartment ever. A "studio" with a separate dressing room and kitchen in a building from the 1920s smack in the middle of Hollywood. We LOVE it and are so excited to decorate. We can walk to the Farmers Market on Sundays and to two of our favorite restaurants. It's wonderful and the girliest place I've ever lived.  All we do is sit around, eat, drink wine, read, write, and paint pinecones. We're not getting a TV and yeah, we've been bragging about it in the most pretentious of manners.

I said to my mom on the phone yesterday, "I'm really...happy? I'm happy. I really am just happy." And it was kind of a surprise. I never expected to like L.A. as much as I do. Blame consistent sunshine, blame being able to look out my window and see mountains, I don't know, but I really am happy. I miss New York...I Miss My Friends and sometimes I get these weird, heavy, physical pangs for you guys...and I CAN'T WAIT to visit in the next few months but yeah...I am really happy.

So, here's to a really wonderful 2012 filled with lots of funny (no more mushy) blog posts, lots of success and many, many cocktails.



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