On getting a job...

I'd forgotten (maybe selectively) how much finding a day job sucks. February 1st will mark my three month anniversary with L.A. and also my longest stretch gone without a job in years. It's a very strange feeling, not having a job. Usually, I find myself wondering what day it is. What time it is. What I'm doing. Where I am. Why I'm here! Thank God, we don't have a TV in this apartment or I'm sure my days would be spent wondering if my ass really is as big as Kim Kardashian's (there's a distinct possibility based on height ratio) and crying over the lack of employment on Craigslist. And also wondering if I should sign the anti SOPA and PIPA petition before I sign into Pinterest. When "pounding the pavement", the phrase I've adopted to romanticize dropping off my resumes without the help of a car, I try and remind myself that one day all of this stress will be only a fond memory to regale/bore NO inspire my children with, but it doesn't really help in the moment I suppose. In talking to a friend the other day who'd just lost her job AND her flaky roommate to a boyfriend, I wondered, "Aren't you freaking out??" "No," she said, "not yet, I'm not worried about money." Which is really what it all comes down to anyway, right? If I wasn't constantly in a state of financial distress, my life would be easy as pie. I will add here however, that there are certainly ways to be happy without money. Hiking. Crafting. Cooking. The list goes on. I've been engaged in a lot of these activities lately which I'm sure are making me a more perfect model human. Which is fantastic. Alas, I'm very grateful to wake up to beautiful sunshine everyday and to be getting a lot of work done in other areas of my life (i.e. Oh YEAH, I'm an actress!) but oh how I would love to cross the 'how in the hell am I going to pay that credit card bill this month...shit!' off my list of 'things I should worry about today'.  In my dream of all dreams, the one I usually conjure while I'm pounding the pavement, my acting and writing career take off before I even have to get a day job!!! That sounds awesome! Maybe we can all have a group meditation on that later...yeah...I'll lead you on a great hike and cook you dinner in exchange :)

Amazing Artwork: Lynn Felton http://www.lynnfelton.com/ 


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