The Power of Imagination

Yesterday, a man burst onto the train and started spray painting the doors, the poles, the floor, the ceiling, I think he may have gotten some fellow passengers. As we rode from 125th down to 116th he didn't stop spraying and let me reiterate, he was craaaaazzzzzyyyy...well, obviously. I had my headphones in as usual to avoid situations just like this and was trying my best to elude eye contact and to keep myself from cameraphoning (did anyone make that word up yet?) the whole mess, but the smell of spray paint was making me sick! And then I started to wonder: What if crazy spray paint wielding hobo man actually has poison in his spray can? Am I just sitting here listening to Adele while some lunatic is Anthraxing me??!! I had to take some action! So I looked up. I took a long hard stare and realized...he wasn't holding a spray can...What? No, in reality this dude can actually just do a mean spray paint can impression and I guess anyone can run around and wave their arms like they're tagging the train. I felt a little silly. But I SWEAR I smelled spray paint/Anthrax. Weird. Anyway, I'm telling myself he was a magic spray painting hobo crazy man able to provide an audience with a smell-o-vision effect. It makes me feel better.

In other news, check out this person's homemade cat costume.


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