The Ballad of Jeri and Brittany: Part 2

Last week we were left wondering if Jeri would survive her disease, substance abuse. Brittany came home to find Jeri, post binge.

And now, the continuing story.

Like any good friend, Brittany was there, holding Jeri's hair back...

...telling her everything would be okay.

But Brittany was beginning to worry.

Jeri's mood swings were getting out of control. One minute ecstatic...

...the next...immobile.

It was putting a real strain on the friendship.

Brittany decided one night to confront Jeri about her fears.

But Jeri would hear none of it.

And she locked herself in the bathroom for hours.

Tune in next week for the finale of The Ballad of Jeri and Brittany.


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