The Ballad of Jeri and Brittany: The Conclusion

The last time we caught up with Jeri and Brittany, Jeri had entered an alcohol induced coma. Once she regained consciousness, Brittany decided to confront her about her worries.

And she locked herself in the bathroom.

And now, the conclusion of, The Ballad of Jeri and Brittany...

Brittany begged Jeri to let her the her life.

Finally, she broke down the door.

Jeri's pattern of self destruction was repeating itself.

And Brittany was there once again to hold her.

Brittany finally decided to pose an ultimatum.

And Jeri decided to get help.

Life is getting back to normal now.

Jeri has started writing again.

And Brittany, well, she's just glad to have her friend back.

Be well and have peace. Everyone.


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