The City Cat

I'm not sure why it has not occurred to me before now to write about the joyful city cat, but, as I was sifting through old pictures today, I came across a photo shoot of Megan's gorgeous feline, Mia. Having been a New Yorker kitty for nearly three years now, Mia has learned to take full advantage of her position in the city and has steadily put on pound after pound after pound. I'd say she's the equivalent now of a 5'1 woman weighing in at 195, she's pleasantly plump. A cat used to having the option of exploring the great outdoors, Mia seems to have adapted quite well to life in the confines of a small NYC apartment and I'd like to take you through a day of what I think is typical for most city cats. Let's start at around 7 am, Feedin' Time, probably the most energy Mia exerts all day (aside from dinner time) when she makes SURE you know she hasn't eaten in at least 6 hours. She paces up and down the hallway, meowing, bellowing, jumping up on the bed (that's a lot for a fatty) and breathing in your face, head butting doors if you lock her out. All of this commotion until you get your ass out of bed and feed her. After feedin' time,comes sleepin' time. Sleepin' time is sprinkled with the occasional walk from the living room ottoman to the bedroom for a quick gander at the pigeons outside, a quick visit to the litter box, a check to make sure the food bowl is still empty from the morning, and a prompt return to the ottoman for sleepin' time number two. Dinner time is the next distraction and is basically a repeat of the morning, minus a rude awakening for the humans involved here. Dinner time is followed by more sleepin' time, or maybe, for the humans' entertainment, cat nip time. This usually involves a sprinkle on the scratching post and about 4 minutes of intense scratching before that becomes old and more sleepin' time becomes attractive. All in all, I'd say the life of the City Cat is one to be envied. Get as fat as you want, demand to be pet, and scratch the crap out of anyone who annoys you in the least. Another phenomenon is the cat on a leash, but that requires a picture I have not yet acquired and a blog unto itself. This entry is boring, but I really just wanted to see what a post looks like with a picture. I'm sleepy. I'm sorry. Goodnight.


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