Karaoke Dreams

There are few activities more delightful than a night filled with some serious karaoke-ing. Actually, I'll go out on a limb and declare that the only activity I like more is eating and drinking wine. So, it shocks me, as I'm sure it does you, that I've never even mentioned my ventures into the world of New York karaoke. I ask myself now, "Where do I even start this discussion?". And, you know what, I'm going to go ahead and begin with last Tuesday night at Metropolitan, a cozy little gay bar in Williamsburg (love this story already, right?). Evan and I used to frequent Metropolitan's Tuesday karaoke nights. We loved it for its supportive energy, the feeling that you were liked for trying something as tough as, "Ready to Run" by the Dixie Chicks, also they have $3 well drinks. But slowly this summer, the attitude at Metropolitan began to change. We found ourselves sulking offstage with a blanket of shame wrapped over our shoulders. Where did the love go? The laughter? The thrill? You know, we almost gave up on Metropolitan, until last week. Braving the odds, we decided to give it one more try and wouldn't you know it, it was like getting through your first year of marriage and re-discovering a deep and passionate love for each other. I may be going a little too far. We did wait for two hours to get up onstage and then only had time to do a duet, but I did down 6 vodka tonics for $18, you can't beat that. And relationships are tough and take work. I'm sure by next week, we'll have worked it out so I'm at least singing one solo! Another neat spot for some great karaoke is Sing Sing. There's two locations, the one on St. Mark's is better. Rent your own room and go to town. Honestly, Sing Sing is really where it's at in my opinion. I've torn up "The One" by Shania Twain, and really have nearly perfected by rendition of "Something to Talk About" Bonnie Raitt. All in all, New York karaoke rocks. Get a group together, go by yourself, pick up a mic and become a star. (...what?...) What I'm trying to say is, Tuesday is only 4 days away, start warming up those vocal cords people.


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