Just a Few Things...

First of all, is it pink flower time yet? I took this picture in Central Park probably two years ago and, in my cold medicine delirium, I've found it and decided to post it. I have no intention of saying anything further about this picture, except that I WISH it were Spring here.

What I will tell you, is a sweet-ish story that I forgot about until this Benadryl kicked in. (I've come down with a killer sinus infection in the last 4 hours, btw, and it's making me a bit cuckoo! I hope I don't pass out before I have a chance to publish this post.) Okay, here we go. About this time last year I had an amazing subway love moment. Many New Yorkers will tell you that they fall in love regularly on the subway. I find it a good way to pass the time, making up a love story with the person sitting opposite you on the train.

"Our eyes met, we looked away. I glanced back up and he was looking again. I smiled. He smiled. We were electrically drawn to one another but I didn't say anything. I got off the train and he stayed on. When I got home, I checked "missed connections" and lo and behold, it was him. My subway lover found me. M seeking F: A train 9:45 pm. You were wearing a poofy black skirt and had a broach on. I think we're meant to be together..."

Anyway, that's kind of how I thought my story'd go, until it actually sort of happened to me. (OOOOO Benadryl I feeeel you!) Okay. I was on the A train headed uptown one night. We pulled into the 59th street station and I noticed a guy on the platform. Totally adorable. Big backpack. Obviously a cute nice hiker-type. He got on and sat down a few seats in front of me. I glanced over once just to check and, wouldn't you know it, he was looking right back. I sheepishly turned away but when I looked back he was making a funny face at me. Was this really happening? Was I REALLY meeting my subway soul mate? I laughed and shot my cutest/ "I'm sure I looked disgusting because my funny faces are monstrous" / funny face back and he proceeded to get up, come sit next to me, and introduce himself.

"I'm Tim!"
"Hi! I'm Brittany"
"So, have you had a good night?"
"I have. Have you?"
"Yes ma'am. I'm leaving tomorrow to work at a summer camp in Massachusetts"
"Oh, wow, really? That's really cool. You must love kids"
"I do love kids. Oh god, this is my stop. Hey, do you have a card or something? We could be facebook friends."

Okay, yeah, he DID ask to be facebook friends, should have been my first clue right? But I DID have a card and I gave it to him. So cool right? RIGHT? Yeah, so he did facebook me a few days later and...
he's married and seems to belong to some sort of cultish camp thing in Massachusetts. Oh well. Such is life I suppose. It IS a pretty awesome story though.

And really, I still have my fingers crossed that my subway lover is still out there. I'm checking missed connections nightly just in case. And now, Benadryl, I surrender.


lynnhfelton said…
You are a busy girl! I left you less than 24 hours ago. Can't wait to read the foodie blogs. Fun in NY!!! Love you, Mom

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