How to Spend a Monday

Start off at 110th Street, the tip of Central Park, on the west side, and begin walking. It may be smart to have a coffee or tea in hand as it is relatively cold in these parts this time of year. Beforehand, download some really awesome instrumental music, I prefer the "Chronicles of Narnia" soundtrack because it is amazing, and walk into the park a little until until you hit the The North Woods. There are several signs alerting you that you've reached this destination. Ditch your coffee (in a trash can of course), turn up your tunes, and head into the most magical part of Central Park in my opinion. Spend about 30 to 45 minutes exploring the woods like a 6year old in a tutu (by this time, you'll be pretty chilly) and exit the park around 103rd (still west side). Catch the C train downtown to 14th and exit near the SE corner of the street. Walk South on 7th Avenue to Birdbath Bakery (between Charles and 10th St... you'll see it) and browse their amazing sweet selections. My favorite is the Vegan Banana Agave cake and a cup of their amazing coffee. Grab yourself a paper and settle down in their window for an afternoon of news and pretending that you're actually cool enough to live in the West Village. (You may even see SJP!) Finish off the day by fantasizing about eating dinner at Morandi, right across the street, or take yourself to a movie at the IFC which is about a 10 minute walk from Birdbath. If you don't feel filled with joy after a day like this, then I just don't know what to tell you. Cheers!


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