Aged in New York

I say this often, but "few things are more fascinating" than City children. They really are of a different breed. None of them will be able to drive before the age of 24 and even when they get their licenses they will still be a danger to anyone on the open road. Most begin riding the subway before they are even born, instilling in them a hyper self and social awareness that children with backyards and swing sets may never achieve. Also, they are smart. Ranging from street to book to fashion smart, kids raised in New York have seen and heard and experienced more by the age of 8 than we normal people have at 20. I find that children of New York City have a tendency, more so than say, mountain children, to grow up fast and become adults before they even hit pre-teen status. This sounds cliche and it is but I will share with you my most delightful proof. Kerry, my roommate and oldest friend, and I were on the A train headed downtown one day this summer. We both noticed two little girls (probably both around 10 years old) clutching their giant tote bags and assuming stances similar to those of their classy Upper West Side mothers. Cute already. Deep in conversation, the two tiny ladies used exaggerated hand gestures, pursed their lips in concentration, interjected comments politely and it only took us a moment to realize that this was a VERY important discussion. Could it be about the newest novel to hit number one on the New York Times Bestseller list? Was it about the crashing economy and how it's been affecting funding for the arts in schools? No, no. This was a much more in depth and important evaluation of the Museum of Natural History's newest exhibit, "Mythical Creatures".

"Have you seen," exclaimed Girl #1, "the Mythical Creatures exhibit yet? It really is just fantastic."

"Oh really? Ugh. I have not gotten around to that yet. I've got to go. I've heard it's really great," replied Girl #2.

"It really, really is. Did you know," (stop for dramatic hand gesture) "that French mermaids have two fins while American mermaids only have one?"

"I had NO idea. That truly is fascinating. I knew that American mermaids only had one, but wow. Do they have a model of the French mermaid in the exhibit?"

"Yes, they do. It's beautiful."

"My. I really do have to see it."

Pure brilliance if you ask me. So, you see, while City kids may be prematurely mature, at least we can have some faith that tea parties, mermaids, and the importance of good cupcake icing are still popular topics of discussion. And honestly, who doesn't love a smart kid? But really everyone, and I mean no offense to you native New Yorkers, do NOT get in a car if a City kid is behind the wheel. You WILL regret it. Cheers!


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