If you haven't you must...

I used to do these posts often, usually when I had nothing else to write about and also when I could afford to go out. BUT, last week I found myself on a lady date with my dear friend Liz (check her out over at LizBiz). We hit up Buvette, a tiny gastropub in the West Village, run by the same people who started Gottino. It's super cute. Suuuuuper cute. The attention to detail is impeccable; pop-up menus, a chalk board wall where they write names for the waiting list, teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny water glasses (try 'one sip' tiny, but I forgive them), and speaking of tiny, the whole restaurant is small, but in a cute, quaint way. We knocked a wine glass off the table at one point but made friends with our neighbors while it was cleaned up. The food was delicious, small and tasty, cheeses and a duck cassoulet. We had a lot of great wine and then Liz posed with the bike outside.

I highly recommend Buvette as a great date place or a spot for an after work drink. They also have what seems to be a great breakfast (that's for you, Lauren Clemmons), apparently they steam eggs on their cappuccino machine, yes please!

Look at these tiny glasses...

And look at this cheese!

Go there!


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