I protest.

So does the Union and here's how:

- They rent this giant inflatable rat (yes, that one up there), blow it up in front of the building that is offending them and hand out fliers listing what sucks about that building and its management. This rat was in protest of union workers who are not being paid appropriate wages at a building on the Upper West Side.

I would love to get my hands on the giant inflatable protest rat. Here's where I would leave him:

-In front of every job I've hated (i.e. every job that didn't involve holding a script or writing on this blog.)
-In front of my landlord's door for being a bitch who STILL hasn't fixed our gas problem... (See: My post about our gas)
-One in front of the American Express building just for existing and giving me, the biggest money idiot of all, the ability to hand their card over to vendors everywhere and then only pay them interest every month.
-Some place representative of the summer season because I now have bacne from sweating so much. Maybe by a public pool because those scream summer and kind of gross me out anyway.
-Outside of any bar that's allowed me to have over 5 gin and tonics in one night. I've lost too many days this summer to hangovers.
-Finally, the laundromat for being really hot and crowded and just not enjoyable. I blame it for the reason I have clothes piled in every corner of my room and even further for making me feel crazier than normal. You know, they say that the state of your room is a reflection of the state of your mind...soooo, my mind had an old McDonald's cup, dirty workout clothes, and an unmade bed cluttering it...

I'm sure I could go on and on with my protest list. I could start listing people's names who deserve a rat in front of their home but that's tacky and let's be honest, I'm a class act, so I won't do that. On a side note, my birthday is in less than two months so, if you were looking for a suggestion of a great present for my 28th, the giant inflatable protest rat would win you major points. Just sayin'.


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