Fly like an eagle

Yesterday morning at LaGuardia Airport, the boy who made my latte asked for my number by drawing a # sign in the foam. I want to learn how to make lattes like that so I can do the same thing. It was very impressive.

Speaking of LaGuardia, has anyone been to the Delta terminal lately?? First of all, it now looks like a European airport, there's this whole weird market place with tons of food and coffee. And now at the gates, there are tables, all equipped with Ipads, where you can sit down and order food just by clicking what you want. This is a little too hi-tech for Grandma...I tried to document the experience by taking this crappy picture with my cell phone, but yeah, I guess it is pretty cool. Although I wonder how many people are actually ordering off the menu (pancakes are $16) and not just playing solitaire or reading the Vanity Fair App.

Did you fall asleep reading this post? I kind of did writing it. Sorry, I really just wanted to share the latte story. Can you be jet lagged from a New York to Georgia flight? (...shut up...)


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