Snow Day!

I thought if I got up early enough I'd be the first person out in the snow. Then I realized that 10 on a Monday isn't that early and that this is New York and it's pretty hard to be the first at anything. There were already kids sledding in Morningside Park as this is, at least as I overheard at breakfast this morning, the first snow day in 5 years. Predictions ranged anywhere from 4-6 inches to 8-11 inches and however high it's ended up, there is A LOT of snow. And, it's windy. Well, it's a Noreaster. Isn't that a wonderful term? Noreaster? Snow in New York is pretty beautiful if you can catch sights of it early enough. Give it a few hours and it gets slushy and brown and walked in and peed on, but the parks stay pretty pristine. I seriously considered asking the kids if I could borrow their sled but I didn't want to be 'that scary lady' so I instead settled for getting myself some french toast and grits at Kitchenette.

It used to snow in Georgia. I remember getting up and sledding down our street on trash can tops since EVERY time it snowed even a bit meant a snow day for us. We once had school called off due to the threat of winter weather. It turned out to be a sunny beautiful day and the county got a bit stricter on snow day criteria after that. Luckily I was a senior in high school and had already had my fair share of them. I do miss the excitement though. Waking up early and watching the news to see if your district would be closing. The extreme excitement or ultimate disappointment at getting to go out and play or having to get ready for class. Today definitely feels like a go out and play kind of day. Or a get back in bed kind of a day. Unfortunately, for me, this is a strap on your Wellies and get to work kind of day, but, whatever, today is definitely a perfect snow day.


Anonymous said…
Hey Honey, Nice of you to remember your days in Georgia, although I think a bit of explanation might make things a bit clearer. "Riding down the hill on trash can tops" may as well say "We lived in a trailer park and didn't have nuthin' no better than garbage can lids for sleds". I just want everyone to know that while you loved snow days, you did get to utilize a sled in addition to the snow discs that all of your friends originally from the north used. Any way, thanks for remembering. Your brother and I had a blast in Flagstaff this weekend. See ya soon. Love, Dad
Brittany said…
Dad, You must be referring to that sled you had that never worked. And I think that "riding down the hill on trash can tops" is romantic and nostalgic and that hopefully most people will find it an endearing memory. AND, we are kind of trashy so there. See you in two days!
Jessica said…
I do concur darlin. On my way to work this morning...I walked all the way to my corner,(to hail a cab)being careful to stomp ONLY on the fluffy snow banks. The 5 year old visting from Miami never grows up.

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