If You Haven't, You Must (Road Edition)

I spent at least 5 days last Christmas trekking through the snow in Brooklyn to find one of the three stores in New York that carries Askinosie Chocolate. Time Out New York ran an article featuring a bar on the cover of it's gift ideas issue and, wouldn't you know it, Evan became obsessed with having one. SO, being the AMAZING and TALENTED friend I am, I sought it out, found the store carrying it, and then had to wait three days for them to special order a bar since apparently many other good friends in NYC had had the same idea.

Cut to: Our road trip, yes we're still traveling through Missouri and have stopped at a haunted hotel, actually in Arkansas, but that's an entry to follow. Anyway, cut to: our road trip and Evan's discovery that the Askinosie Chocolate factory is in Springfield, MO. Of course, we had to make a stop. Shawn, the owner of the tiny operation, was kind enough to give us a tour. He explained how all of the chocolate is made and where the beans come from and how simple his recipe really is.

Having searched New York for this elusive chocolate, it was pretty surreal to be surrounded by it where it's made. And the factory is BEAUTIFUL. And the company is cool. Better than fair trade business tactics, open books, profit share, and the ONLY ingredients in the chocolate are cocoa beans and organic sugar. (And a touch of goat's milk in his white chocolate.) Neat, right?

We bought three bars since everything is REALLY moderately priced, especially when compared to New York standards.

So, my dears, treat yourself to some delicious chocolate and support a great company. Visit the Askinosie website to order or seek out where you can buy it in stores.

More from the road to follow!


Fro said…
Hi Honey, That is a great piece (so to speak) and although I cannot ingest much chocolate due to, well TMI, but I just can't, I could taste the sweet treats based on your eloquent description. BUT, what I'm most interested in is if y'all went the World HQ of BASS PRO SHOPS. They have a great aquarium there and sell some kick-ass NASCAR huntin' and fishin' caps thar. Any way, I'm glad you're having fun and I will be happy to see you on Sunday, as will the Silver Fox! Love you, Dad

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