Pictures Seem Appropriate...

Love a small town. Kelso, MO

Remembering a vintage sofa. Evan at Grandma Enderle's.

Great art in a great architect's house. Peter Shank's studio, St. Louis, MO.

Just fun. St. Louis, MO

Great Expectations. Another Shank house, St. Louis, MO.

Who wouldn't want this? St. Charles, MO

We thought St. Charles was okay... then we found me a bonnet and Evan a cap.

You can't call a road trip a road trip until you find a Salvation Army connected to a Circle K. St. Louis, MO

Lora Vogel. Kelso, MO Class of 1971

THE BARBIE GAME. I won. Aunt Kay's, Wentzville, MO

Aunt Kay's mincemeat pie. Wentzville, MO

Gittin' Gas. Wentzville, MO

Our road trip companion for approx. 4 1/2 minutes. Salvadore "Sal" Otto

A great day for drivin'. En route Wentzville to Boonville, MO.

So far, so good. Maybe I'll actually write something eventually, but, for now, pictures seem perfect.


Fro said…
Hey Honey, I love all these pictures (or "pitchers" as most of us hicks in Jaw-ja say). I have 2 comments: 1) Evan might be the first person ever to combine a Led Zep t-shirt with a Johnny Reb hat - "Hailfuckingyeah"! and 2) you look strikingly like Bonnie Parker with that bonnet on. She and Clyde operated in that part of the and Evan now have something to aspire to. Please do not call from jail tho. Be safe. Love you, Dad
Bons said…
Is that your Easter Bonnet!!???
Nate said…
hey when you guys are in the south remember to stop at a waffle house for me, ok? work still sucks even with you guys gone, im suprised!
Melanie said…
britt, you are really a great fotographer!
... and you look beautiful sitting lonely in a bonnet on a tree limb. brangin something new to the distraught powerhaus frau alone and contemplative on the plains. xoxo m
Kelly D-M said…
Dammit Brittany. I LOVE your blog and it makes me insanely hungry for America. And for American food...Waho, pudding in mason jars, Sunday brunches...why would you do this to me? I know you're thinking "but you live in France, the artistic and culinary capitol of the world, wtf." But see, you have to have MONEY to enjoy France's art and food...and right now I don't. So I am left to dream nostalgically of my home country, here at my humble ikea kitchen table, as I read your witty quips and gaze upon your wonderful photos. You paint such a beautiful portrait of America and of NYC. I'm not ashamed to say it: I can't wait to go home, whether it's just to visit or to make myself a fabulous life there, like yours...

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