Goodbye, Betsy...

You've done me well.
Through thick and thin,
Slush and snow,
The ups,
The downs,
The woes [of Winter],
You've been there.

Your sleeves may be short,
I found longer gloves.
You're not really THAT warm,
but you're still so damn cute.
So cute.
Everyone tried to find you.
EVERYONE [Jessica Baker].
Marc Jacobs tried to make you,
he failed.


It's time for you to go.
Spring is pretty much here.
So, get on.
Get on.
Under my bed.
My under bed storage.
I'll miss you.

Ohhhhhh, I'm delirious after sleeping for 15 hours, that's right, FIFTEEN hours last night. Anyway, Betsy the Coat really does rock, you should check out In God We Trust, an AMAZING boutique with a few locations now. Enjoy the weather my loves!


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