There are many perks to the temping life. Flexible scheduling, lots of internet time, and the ability to walk away from a job after only a day. All of these are topped, however, by the tour of kitchens I’ve been on throughout the past two months. Upon arrival at each new job, after being introduced to the phone systems, of course, I am promptly directed to the kitchen areas where each time I find myself amazed. The array of coffees and teas, fridges full of every diet soda a girl could ask for, and even sometimes the pantry stocked with treats like bagels or wheat thins. It’s highly reminiscent of my days babysitting when I would spend the first half of the night looking forward to putting the kids in bed so I could spend the last half raiding the family’s pantry. I’d get my fill of gushers and coke, maybe some Handi-Snacks or a Lunchable. All the fun things I’d always wanted to eat as a kid but could never convince my mom to buy would be there shining in front of me. (Don’t worry, after eating all of their food, I’d clean the kitchen and make the house look superb as compensation for my thievery.) So, everyday that I get to walk into these big beautiful company kitchens and have my fill of all the soda, muffins, and coffee that I’m not buying myself, I get strong sense memories that bring me right back home. (Don’t worry, after eating all of their food, I answer their phones and leave their desk looking really sharp.)

Side Note: You’ve never really known what it is to live until you’ve caught a burly, middle-aged, decked out Yankees fan, man’s-man, secretly jamming out to Cher’s “Do You Believe in Life After Love” on the train ride home.


Fro said…
BooBoo, coke or Coca-cola? Enquiring parents want to know.
Uncle Scott, Thank you for providing perspective. I hope the mouse is a mouse and not a rat - the current body count in our backyard is now into double-digits.
Chemunch said…
The best is when you conveniently "forget" to order the precious 'Diet Coke'. Mwahaha
Karen said…
...But how did the Vera Wang sale go? Inquiring temps want to know.

I'm done with temping after tomorrow and starting a full time gig on Monday. But I leave you with a final tip: If you're ever offered the low-paying coat check gig for events at the New York City Historical Society museum, TAKE IT. The tips last night were out of control. I wound up making double the hourly I was quoted. Seriously.

-Karen, from VW/WSF

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