The Buzz of NYC

In this City, you inevitably get to a point where you consider yourself an expert at tuning out unwanted sounds. What with the constant noise of sirens, horns, screams, and gunshots you soon come to realize that listening to it all is just exhausting. And I have gotten to that place in my life where tunnel hearing is preferred for walking down the street, sitting on the subway, waiting in line at McDonald’s, I have not, however, been able to acquire that same selective hearing at home. Below me, living in a concrete cell surrounded by a chain link fence lives the most ferocious beast of a dog I have ever encountered. (For reference think the Sand Lot.) I first saw him on my maiden voyage to the trash disposal area where the fence at the end of the alley is boarded up and a hole is cut into the middle. Through this hole is where the beast literally rams his giant head to scare the living shit out of those innocently trying throw stuff away. Not only is the sight of him terrifying enough, we have to listen to him barking and howling 16 hours out of the day. As if this is bad enough. Somehow, the cold weather has brought our lovely alley an abundance of stray cats. So, believe it or not, we are now blessed with an orchestra of the viscous barking beast accompanied by the howling mangy cats all night and day. Let me tell you, the music of it is indescribable. Add to that the sounds of jackhammers and construction and you’ve got my morning wake up call. I’ll be releasing my first LP when I can get the recording equipment running.


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