Bird Flu Commercial

This entry has nothing to do with NYC itself. (Am I allowed to this?) Considering that this commercial is certainly not limited to only New York City viewers, I guess this is my branching out. Seriously though…has anyone seen the commercial starring the penguins from Happy Feet, gleefully warning about flu symptoms and the dangers of the virus. (Is it a virus or a bacterial infection, I always mix that up…) Anyway, I find it extremely disturbing to have a bunch of BIRDS talking about the FLU. Do you catch my implication here…Bird Flu is on its way…really though, does anyone else find this alarming? Is this the media’s way of subtly warning us that the killer flu is coming without causing panic amongst the masses? Am I just a hypochondriac, hysterical freak, looking for any opportunity to read between the lines? All I’m saying is, listen Pixar + ad company for flu, whoever you are, if you’re trying to warn us about some international pandemic making its way to the US, just come out and tell us so we can really get ready (my bomb shelter is certainly not adequately stocked right now!)…no one’s taking those penguins seriously. And, if your ad is simply to warn people that the flu sucks, use some other f’ing animal. Your subtext is making me tired. (I stole that last line from an episode of Dawson’s Creek…!)


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