I Wash My Clothes of This

It took me a month and a half to get over my fear of the Laundromat. The thought of sitting in the hot stench of detergent and fabric softener filling a machine with fifteen thousand quarters and fighting off other ambitious launderers made my stomach turn. Not to mention the ten block walk I’d have to embark upon in order to get my clothes cleaned. After my laundry basket began to spill over on top of my trunk and then off of my trunk onto my floor, I decided I would finally have to face my biggest City fear. I promptly headed for the phone book and searched for the nearest ‘mat. Having heard of the joys of the drop off, pick up laundry service I decided I’d pick the closest one, suck it up, and carry my load over, my eye, however, was immediately drawn to a delivery laundry service. Could it be more perfect? Someone to come to my house, carry my laundry, wash, dry, and fold it for me, and then bring it back wrapped neatly with a bow! Wonderful! I called immediately and set up a time to have my laundry picked up. An hour later I felt the weight of my laundry lifted from shoulders, I was free, I was responsible and I would have clean clothes again. The next morning, however, the weight of that laundry was literally dropped right back on my shoulders when I got the call that I had turned over 66 pounds of laundry and that my bill for the wash, dry, fold, deliver would be a whopping $75! I was so embarrassed for my lazy ass, who the hell did I think I was, Cher from Clueless. Anyway, chalk it up to experience I guess. I recently found a laundry mat only 5 blocks away where I can drop off my laundry for cheap and still get it wash, dried, and folded for me. Loves it!


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