The 90 Day Challenge

Hi. Yes! Again! I'm here. Let me explain. I’m on Day 5 of my 90 Day Challenge. As I mentioned, I am turning 35 in exactly one month and a day from today and like I said, it’s fine...IT’S FINE...but it has forced me to really sit up and look around and exclaim, “Oh, I’m 35, I’m going to be 70.” Ya know? You do. You know.

I’m a big time starter. I love to start things. I get very excited. I fantasize and I wonder and I tell myself how cool it will be to reflect back to when I started and think, “look how far I’ve come,” but, in opposition to my hobby of starting, I’m also, excuse me, I WAS also, a quitter. (I have had enough therapy now to know that being a quitter is an old story I no longer tell myself. Thank you, Emily.) Anyway, yeah, as a 35 year old woman, I am now a starter and a seer-througher. Which means I set attainable goals and achieve them. Achieving things is a big theme going forward in my life.

Wait, SO WHAT IS THIS CHALLENGE EXACTLY? Right. My 90 Day Challenge has two parts. It is focused on getting my body into the best shape it’s ever been and to jumpstart my career by writing everyday for, uh huh, yes, you guessed it, 90 Days. This is where the attainable goals bullet point enters. I’m only required to write for 30 minutes a day (easy) and I bought the Tracy Anderson Method 90 day program to give myself structure and accountability. And! I made myself a countdown poster and hung a pen next to it so I can cross off the days as I go. It’s glorious.

I’ve been sitting down at my computer every morning, setting a timer and typing and typing and already two blog posts have fallen out of my brain and a bunch of other notes for new projects. Admittedly, there’s a part of me that’s saying, who even cares about your challenge or your blog or what you're doing? But, ya know what, I care and I don't care. This blog has existed now for TWELVE YEARS as a place for me to put down whatever the hell I want and guess what? I want to know about someone’s 90 Day Challenge and if they’re completing it! What will come from it? Where will she be in 90 Days? What will she learn? How will she feel? She's not a quitter anymore, look at her. Look at that 35 year old woman setting goals and achieving them! Wow. I tell you what, I do love the start of something new. Don’t you?  


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