Yeah, I'm a Blogger Now.

Created entirely out of my boredom and lack of artistic expression as of late (and obviously my intrinsic need for attention) I have started a blog. It being unique, however, considering that soon it will be discovered by a publisher and turned into a fantastic coffee table book that every hipster this side of Williamsburg will be scrambling to get their hands on. Oh but that’s in the future, I’ll give Random House a few months to catch on. In the meantime I’ll settle with the folks (mom, dad, and the occasional loyal friend) that will be my committed readers. You too could be one of the few who crave cuddling up with a cup of chamomile in your comfy desk chair to enjoy my ramblings about New York City and the crazies who live here, myself included of course. Maybe you’ll chuckle, maybe you’ll shed a tear, maybe you’ll be driven to insanity, internet stalk me, and scare me into never writing again, whatever your reaction, I can only hope that you’ll let me know if you are in contact with someone who’d like to pay me to write shit. Thanks.


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