Driveways, who woulda thunk.

I never realized that a driveway was a thing to be taken for granted. The ability to walk to your brick encased mailbox in a robe and slippers. A dog big enough to scamper to the sidewalk, pick up your paper and gladly run it back through the swinging doggie door. In a driveway (on a driveway?) the only hazard seems to be the occasional Jehovah’s Witness or high school candy salesman avoided by jumping into one’s car and heading out to the drive through Starbucks. This perspective being, of course, the gross generalization of a suburban raised twenty something just moved north to the “big city” as they call it… I’m sure also that some people’s driveways are not that great. People have been shot in driveways I imagine or beaten with blunt objects, maybe people have even been run over in their driveways, all I’m saying is I miss my driveway and I never thought I would.

(Quick note: I never did have a dog that ran to the sidewalk to retrieve a paper, did anyone really?)


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