WIEH (what is even happening)?

I spend an extraordinary amount of time on the Internet every week...day. I google shit like "How do I fix my inverted knee?" or "What is Taylor Swift up to?" I look at Instagram for hours. I watch pointless YouTube videos until I feel like I'm going to crawl out of my skin and then still watch another. I used to feel so badly about this addiction. And that's what is has become. An addiction. I don't even have an addictive personality, I mean I thought I didn't, but the first thing I do every morning is scroll through my phone for an hour and feel satisfied in the way a smoker does with their first cigarette of the day. What am I doing to my brain? My attention span? Because truly, my attention span is shot. I can't even read my own blog posts anymore without skipping words, basically skimming the whole damn thing. What a god damn waste. MY PRECIOUS WORDS. Recently, I had a conversation about the evolution of technology and it's impact on language. Apparently, kids no longer learn handwriting in school. Is this appalling? Is this inevitable? Is this the future? IDK. I remember a few years ago listening to an NPR story (No, I don't EXCLUSIVELY watch YouTube) about children who write papers inserting the letter "Y" for the word "why" and how this is considered acceptable. It sounds absolutely absurd, but will it in 15 or 20 years? What IS actually happening? No one really knowsssss OMG. But by God I am slipping too. When I heard that NPR story I was horrified. WHAT? Kids are stupid! They are becoming stupider by the second! Someone do something! But now, here I am, feeling more adept at expressing my emotions through emojis than through actual words. Doesn't looking at this, "💁" seem more concise and enjoyable than reading this, "Oh my god I don't even know. I don't care. It's just me..."?

May I please ask again...


And to you. When was the last time YOU read an article without skimming? Be honest. Have you actually read every word in this post? Doubt it. I don't even feel like I CAN anymore 🙆 . Maybe you can and have and I am wrong but if I am honest with myself (and that's what I'm really striving for this year) I think I may have fully succumbed to technology. 💁  I truly do love emojis. I love them. And I mean, I AM in a book club. Where we read skim actual books. So I'm going to be fine. JUST FINE. 🙆🙋💁


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