The other night, driving home from work, I passed a car with its lights off. It happens pretty regularly in LA because it's a bright city and you can still see at night even without your lights but the problem is, others can't see you. Duh. Blah. Tell me something I don't already know.


I think metaphorically because I'm a wise genius working model and here's what my brain did with the image of a car at night driving down a well-lit road with its lights off. It made me think about being in a bad relationship and I started comparing that situation to driving at night without my lights on. I could still see while I was on the well-lit, out in public, aren't we cute, we're so fun streets but when I turned off of those and onto the dark, explain and defend everything about your past and hypothetical future roads, I was blind and confused. And, regardless of which road I was on, light or dark, I looked crazy to the other drivers out there who were like, "HELLO YOUR LIGHTS ARE OFF. THIS IS VERY VERY DANGEROUS."

So. I turned on my lights. And now I can see everything.


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