What shows do you watch?

So, not in a snobby way (but totally in a snobby way) we (me, Ev, and Gregg) never got around to getting full on, watch it every week, "I loooooove that new show on Bravo", cable. We had basic channels and somehow, magically, Food Network and that's all we wanted/wanted to pay for. Besides, who needs HBO when you have a New Yorker magazine and Jonathan Franzen's latest? In L.A. though, I keep having conversations with friends about TV shows. What do I watch? Who's great in this and that. All I have to offer to these conversations is commentary on Blair Waldorf's pregnancy or how delicious Ina's brownies looked. I need to do some homework. Thank goodness Netflix Instant View and I are engaged (did I tell you I said yes?!) I committed last month to Grey's Anatomy and completed all seven seasons and am up to date with current episodes (Go me!), but other than that, I'm Lost (which I also watched all six seasons of in under two weeks). So, what shows should I watch? I've started Parenthood and, thrillingly, Jamie has full-on, watch it every week, "I loooooove that new show on Bravo" cable so I've been getting down with Top Chef and Work of Art, but I need more. I need to look cool. I'm new here. I want to fit in. Help!

Also, here's a picture of my new bed and my new friends, Brother and Sister.


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