Heeeeeyyyyyy! Remember that entry I wrote a month ago? I believe my #1 New York lesson was: Moving Sucks. Yeah, it does, but still, I just shipped my life from the East to the West in an attempt to shake things up and jump start my career (please hear the word career drawled in a Virginia makes the cheesiness of that last sentence much more charming.) And, while it was not nearly as hard as any of my moves within Manhattan, it was still stressful. But, I'm here! Yay, I'm here (for the next six months or so) and because I love my blog (yes, we always neglect those we love sometimes) I wanted to continue with my musings of what it feels like to now be a Southern/semi-New Yorker living in the land of plastic and sunshine. I've been here two days and already my notion of how much I would hate it here has morphed into a question of why it took me so long to visit. It's beautiful. It's the beach! And, so far, people are really, really nice and really, really pretty. Yesterday, Jamie let me borrow her car to get to a job interview in Pasadena and I only had two minor panic attacks about merging and parking which I quickly realized were results of my low blood sugar. I did, however, re-enact the scene from Clueless when Cher accidentally gets onto the freeway and freaks out. I didn't, unfortunately, have my friends Deon and Donald Faison with me... Driving again is certainly weird but I'm getting used to it. So, send happy vibes (as if one needs them here in 75 degree weather) to me as I search for a job and a car. I'm hoping to get all that mess straightened out by the end of next week. I'll follow up with pictures (you can see the Hollywood sign from my street!) But for now, enjoy my Picasa photo editing work up there in my blog title.

Love love love,


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