Upon reflection...

I've realized a few things:

1. I never told you how the "Winning Hearts and Minds" Cake won over the hearts and minds of Kerry and Tibi. Here's how amazing it looked.

It tasted even better.

And, did I mention that Kerry MADE cheese for the appetizer, poo-poo platter portion of the evening? He maaaaaade ricotta. It was amazing.

2. I never really talk about New York anymore, just what I've cooked and eaten, and, while I find that endlessly entertaining, I realize it may be boring and a little creepy to the 7 of you who actually read my blog. So, I thought I'd tell you how I spent AN HOUR at the post office yesterday in line behind ONE person. That's right. An hour. Honestly though, there's really not much to be expected when a 75 year old woman who can barely stand is the one searching through shelves of unorganized packages to find your one tiny envelope. And, here's the kicker, the package I was picking up wasn't even exciting. It was face wash. I'm not sure that a slow post office is unique to New York. Actually, I'm sure it isn't. What is pretty special though, is the protests put up by New Yorkers. (I can't call myself a real New Yorker for at least another year...) The giant woman two people behind me in line proceeded to walk through the post office screaming "Somebody help me!" with inflection implying she'd lost a child...or her mind. The man directly behind me called people on his phone and loudly discussed the 'old bitch who caint even walk or see' working the pick up desk. It was mildly upsetting considering she heard every word, but, at 35 minutes in, I didn't really care about sparing her feelings anymore. And at the end of the line stood a sweet little lady who just kept muttering under her breath, "If only they'd hire the young..." I kept my cool. It was a little like seeing free theatre. And I can't say that I'd do any better working at the post office. I'd probably take a snack break every 4 1/2 minutes too if I was 75 and had to deal with people pointing out my old age all day.

3. As you can see from the picture above, it has been a snowy mess in the City and I thank GOD for my rain boots. They make me fearless and anything that can do that, I welcome. Growing up in Georgia, we didn't get much snow, and when we did, I would FREAK OUT. I find it funny that now I cringe at the sight of it. Instead of the burst of excitement, I grunt and curse like an old grandma. (I probably sound just like the woman from the post office) And the snow yesterday wasn't even pretty. It was wimpy and didn't even fall, the slightest gust of wind and it was blowing upwards. It was like walking around inside one of those really cheap crappy dollar store snow globes. The kind that have that nasty plastic snow that sticks to the sides. Not a fan. So, after spending an hour at the post office and a good time in the snow globe I decided comfort food was in order.

And yes, now I amuse myself with pictures of what I ate yesterday!!!

I sort of made up a vegetable stew and used my immersion blender to make it thick. Love that tool! And I added a little cinnamon to it. I learned that from Giada. It's incredible how good and comfy (can you describe food as comfy?) it will make a soup. Try it.

It looks a little gross. But, it's not.

Then I made oatmeal cookies because I've been in the mood. I followed the recipe on the container top. They. Are. Great. I used a 1/4 cup less butter because two sticks just sounded terrifying.

Anyway, the meal was really good and I felt happy.
Happy Wednesday!


Fro said…
Boody, I like that entry. As you know government agencies, especially civilian agencies like the PO, prove the oxymoron government efficiency. They are disorganized and most employees don't know their asses from second base. Please make some of those oatmeal cookies when you come home. I had some really good ones while I was in N Zed. Cheers, Dad

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