It's Hard to Blog...

...when Varsity Blues is on TBS. I should just turn it off, but the whipped cream part is on and they're actually SHOWING it on TV. It's officially the '90s folks! Anyway, I have a few things to report.


It may look sweet and innocent, but believe me, it is NOT.

Not only does it dry out my throat and sinuses, I can barely swallow when I wake up. But, what, you may ask, are my books doing all over your floor?

(VB Update: James Van der Beek is giving the "I don't want your life" speech, classic.)

Well, I came home the other to the sound of my hissing radiator spraying steam ALL over my books. They are soaked. My poor books. They're still not dry, they may never be and therefore, I will spend this Winter freezing because I am never turning my radiator on again. So there.

But, whatever. I made buckwheat pancakes this morning (also a Molly Wizenberg recipe). They were amazing. They really were SO good and doughy and I ate 4 of them by myself. Yep. I cooked just for myself this morning. Aren't you proud?

So yeah...ummmmmm.

Hmmm, what IS this post about?

I don't know either.

Oh well.

You can blame TBS and James van der Beek's fantastic Southern accent. I'm pretty distracted.


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