It turns out...

I like hosting, baking, and cooking, in that order. Over the past 5 days, I cooked for Gregg's birthday, baked scones, and, this morning, made the MOST amazing oatmeal buttermilk pancakes ever...EVER. I've been obsessed with Orangette lately and Molly Wizenberg (the creator's) book A Homemade Life and am now attempting to be her by cooking everything she does. Am I lame? Maybe a little creepy? It's fine. Props to Bonnie for the best cake recipe ever. I only had one meltdown baking that when two of my mixers broke and I sat on the kitchen floor cradling them. Thank God for the immersion blender and it's whisk attachment. FYI, I think I've consumed 6 sticks of butter this week. In semi-related (it is his birthday week)news, Gregg signed his first BROADWAY contract!!! We're famous at The Artists' Colony, did I mention that's what we call ourselves here? Okay, here's some pictures from the week.

Party photos courtesy of Evan Enderle and Liz Layton and probably Gregg took some too and maybe Megan.

Love love love. See more party photos at my flickr page.


Love the scones photo...just lovely.
Blair said… seem to be a long lost sister of mine, I am a gal from KY who recently moved to nyc. i am an actor too, i also recently wrote a post about my obsession with orangette and have been blogging about my time in nyc. i will certainly follow your stories and who knows, maybe we will cross paths!

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