Prada Paws

If nothing else has convinced me to always keep my camera with me, it's dogs wearing shoes. I'm not knocking it, if my feet are freezing in these icy conditions, those teeny puppy paws MUST be as well. Can we discuss, however, the fact that these doggies aren't just sporting some boring slip ons or tennies, no way. I've seen everything from booties, to low heels, to some orange furry boots today (see a Winter's Tale for my feelings on those). I know this entry is short, but really, what more can I say? I'll leave you with this image: puffy white bison frise, four paws shoved into tiny lime green rain boots, prancing right through that puddle of snow slush, cause, lemme tell you, nothing gives you more confidence than a pair, or a quartet in this case, of good wellies!


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