It's Not About Weight, It's About Love

Thank Jesus for many things but mostly for Tivo. I have been able to catch up with Oprah everyday this New Year and I cannot put my gratitude for that woman into words. In her first episode of 2009, Oprah bravely reveals that she fell off the wagon y’all and lost her sense of self… OPRAH lost herself! But really, who didn’t in 2008? I spent the 31 days of December talking about, dreaming about, planning for, and getting excited about January 1, 2009. This year, like Oprah, I’m planning to get back on track and that means, more blogs, more auditions, more exercise (how cliché) and more joy. Are you still reading? I blasted into 2009 with the shittiest of all New Year’s Eve celebrations and have decided that, like a bad dress rehearsal, a bad NYE is an indication of a great year to come and I’ve already set about bringing my Top 10 Goals of 2009 to fruition (see: this entry). As I have resolved this year to be more selfish, I will now recount my highlights of 2008. In February I got out of New York and took a road trip to North Carolina with the two sexiest men alive. We hiked to the highest peak on the East Coast and I nearly shit my pants as we reached the top. Literally. I almost shit my pants and had to run an hour back down the mountain since I REFUSE to poop in the woods to the port-a-potties provided in the parking lot. That was awesome. In June, I travelled to Italy and France with my family and friends and spent an amazing three weeks at an Italian villa and four days alone in Paris. Obviously, that was great. The day I got home I fell into my tv and chipped my front tooth which was so Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries of me I can barely stand it. In October I turned 25. November 1st, my purse was stolen and $78 was charged on my Amex to Domino’s pizza. I can only hope the bitch who stole my purse is still warming up slices of pepperoni and thinking of me. I also partied in the streets of Harlem in celebration of Obama’s win, had to throw that in cause who’s not excited?! And I spent every night of December covering my arms in homemade body glitter and rubbing up against gay boys and pretty girls as an ensemble member of Dance Dance Revolution. Needless to say, it was an eventful year, but I’m very glad it’s over. In 2009, I vow to get back to regular and objective blogging about crazy New York shit and to stop boring you, Dad and maybe Evan and maybe Megan, about my lame-ish personal stuff, but this entry just felt right. And as Oprah says, this year is not about finding out why you’re overweight, it’s about finding out how much you love yourself. Cheers.


Anonymous said…
Love it bitch... and really, who doesn't love a little shit in their pants?!? - Court

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