Positivity as Promised

If you're ever lucky enough to enjoy the 7 stop skip on the A train that runs express from 59th street to 125th, you may also have been fortunate enough to catch the acrobatic excellence of a group of young men that travel from car to car and perform acts of dancing brilliance. I don't believe that any of them are over the age of 16 and one of them is always "11" as part of their act always involves the proclamation "And now, watch my lil brother take the stage, he's only 11 years old folks!" Their performances are the stuff of magic, one's own personal front row seat to what may as well be cirque de soleil on an otherwise dreary ride home. From the second one hears those boisterous voices enter the car, to the moment they hit play on their beat up boom box, an incredible show is to be expected. These boys break dance, flip over poles, front handspring, AND tell jokes, all in the tiny cramped space between two subway car doors AND without ever kicking anyone in the head... although I do fear the inevitability of this actually occurring one day. Until then, I anxiously pray for their presence every time I take the express. They are truly amazing and talented dancers/gymnasts (who I assume are self taught) and I can only hope that they will one day be scouted for the next America's Got Talent or Star Search, should either of those programs be resurrected one day. Regardless, I highly recommend frequenting the A train to those of you living in the city and to those of you not, summer is coming and definitely calling for a New York vacay to view the Wonder Boys of the Harlem Express.

(I may ask to be their manager next time I catch 'em.)

And this is my last glass-half-full entry for a while as I have list of gripes to blog about in the near future...


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