Are we Moles?

People never take their sunglasses off in this city. It can be cloudy, pouring down rain, you can be in Bloomingdales, or UNDERGROUND waiting for a train and still, there will be, and I am 85% comfortable guaranteeing, at least one person still sporting shades. Wanting to fit in of course, I've tried my best NOT to take off my hot-ass, huge Versaces, but I find that the second I enter a store with them on or go down into a dark subway, I become immediately disoriented and blinded AND I feel like a complete douche bag who hasn't realized that the blinding rays of the sun have ceased to be a threat to my corneas. I also can't stand the fact that when you have sunglasses on, unless they're a pair that have slightly tinted lenses (which, what in the hell is the purpose at that point...) you cannot see the wearers' eyes. And people, eye contact is so important, it really is. One more thing, before I finish this rant, don't sunglasses start to hurt the bridge of your nose after about an hour? I mean really, no matter which pair I've worn, cheap from Target, pricey from Bloomie's, without fail, I always have that weird red mark right between my eyes when I take off my sunglasses. I can only imagine the crater that must be left when the J.Lo look alike sitting across from on the A train gets home and finally removes her shades after a long day of UV ray protection. At least use those Dolce's as a headband when it's no longer necessary to sport them as eyewear!


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