I'd like to warmly welcome myself back to bloggin...

Dear Diary,

There's so much I've been meaning to tell you, but I've been soooo busy with my hectic New York life and all my fancy travelling, I just haven't been able to find my normal time to devote to you. So, let's see, what's happened since the last time I wrote. Oh yeah, mice attacked my apartment and within three days I had about 40 panic attacks upon finding dead ones. (For some reason they're just so much scarier dead than alive, hee hee!) I even found one squished under my husband pillow, which was really depressing, I had to throw it away (the mouse and the pillow, jeez) even though I had had it all through college (the pillow, not the mouse HAHA!... frowny face.) Anyway, so the mice have kind of run away, I think, probably not though, they're really good at hiding (winky face). So, lately I've just been working and following my dreams and making friends and just really putting myself out there ya know. Yeah, life is great right now! Oh and I took a trip to New Zealand with my dad and had the best time ever. Yeah, life is good right now... ooops, did I already say that... I should remember to write in pencil (smiley face!) Alright, my sweet diary, I'm gonna sign off now and get back to work! I love you diary!


P.S. I Robo-tripped last week and loved it, can't wait for next weekend! I'll keep you posted!


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