The Earthquake Ghost

Here's our chair.
Granted, I have once again found a new friend (or friends I should say) streaming on Netflix and these ladies definitely have some tense situations to deal with, so, yes, I was already excitable last night around midnight as I watched Pretty Little Liars. There I was, wine glass in hand, sitting on the edge of my big comfy chair with the anticipation of finding out who 'A' is (watch the show...) when suddenly the back of the chair began to bounce forward and I was pitched to standing! OMG! What??

I've always wondered what my first thoughts in an earthquake would be. I believe I even wrote a post when I missed the NYC tremble last year and poked fun at a girl who thought she was just really hungry. Well, listen, I get it now, low blood sugar girl because in MY mind, an angry ghost decided to shake me out of my chair. That's right. An angry ghost. Not, "maybe it's construction" or "hmmm, that must've been a big 18-wheeler" or even "EARTHQUAKE!!" No. At the moment it was, "THE SPIRIT IN MY HOUSE IS MAD AT ME!!!!" But that was fleeting once I realized everything in my apartment was quivering. Somehow, in the mere 7 seconds that it lasted, I found time to pause Pretty Little Liars AND make my way to the door frame WITH my wine glass still in hand. (I watched a video with Jamie on what to do in an earthquake sooooo, I'm pretty proud I took action to protect myself.)

I'm sure to most Californians my standing in a doorway for a 3.5 in Beverly Hills sounds silly, but we Georgians don't deal with the earth movin' that was possibly the strangest feeling I've ever experienced. Sort of what I imagine seeing a ghost may be like...see...I brought it full circle.


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