Run On: Intelligentsia

For those of you who, like me, have driven the 20 minutes to Intelligentsia, parked, spent 10-12 minutes in line, taken three delicious sips of your espresso, walked back to your car with too much in your hands because you decided to treat yourself to a piece of cheese and a caramel from the shop next to Intelligentsia and spilled your coffee on your roommate's "nice" white tank top that you borrowed to look casual but cute and like you just came from the gym even though you didn't because you'd look like a hot mess if that were the truth but you're keeping people wondering because your hair does look a little messy and sweaty but that's because it's just SO HOT out...anyway...for those of you who are like me...I cried for us today...and invested in some Oxyclean. You are not alone. I am here with you and I am never getting a hot coffee in 97 degree weather again. Shit.


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