I'm finding myself again.

Two weeks ago, I started working at a restaurant in a mall. I quickly realized that malls in big cities are crowded with European tourists. If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know what that means. Last night, on a $150.00 check, I received a tip of $3.34.

I started drafting my resignation email in my head.

At 12:30, when I got home, after an hour and a half of side work that included, but was not limited to, scooping globs of mayonnaise into tiny ramekins, I drafted the email to the GM. At 8:15 this morning I sent it. It included the phrase, "effective immediately, I will no longer be able to work at your company due to some personal issues regarding my health." I almost wrote "mental health" but decided it was just too much.

Long story short, remind me never to take a job at a place that requires me to wear hideous black slacks and a too long ruffly french maid's apron.

I'm going to watch Girls on HBO.


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