Debt: The New Black?

I've been thinking about this "living pay check to pay check" business recently. Mostly around the 3rd of every month when rent clears, my bank account hits $12, and I think about how much I love my credit card for buying me that $13 sandwich I've been craving. I turned on my air conditioner for 30 seconds today, considered the $10 it would cost me to keep it running any longer and immediately switched it back off and thought about reading a Suze Orman book for some guidance. She was on Oprah semi-recently and I've had the episode saved on Tivo for probably a month but I just cannot bring myself to watch it. Ignorance is bliss, right? It's good to be surprised by an overdraft fee... who doesn't love surprises...they make you feel alive...? I've tried to blame my debt and financial irresponsibility on New York: "Well, I've had a long day, it's not my fault beer is $7" "Well that salad is $14, I have to eat" "Ummm, yeah, but my metrocard is $81, there's no other way to get around" "But I'll never be able to find this shirt anywhere else, I know it's $75 but I have to keep up with New York style..." In the most recent issue of Time Out New York there's a quiz called, "Do you belong in New York?". I scored a 99 which means yes I do belong here but sometimes I question if I really WANT to be here as opposed to, say, on a farm, in a smaller city, etc. And I do think about that, if I were in, say, Atlanta or Montana would I be in the financial shambles I find myself in today. The answer I think is probably "no", but I'd be miserable right? Right! So for now, I'm going to continue telling myself that debt is sexy. It's a rite of passage. Chalk it up to my inexperience as an adult. I'm 25 dammit! I deserve that Marc Jacobs purse! Anyway, one day I'll be rich enough to just pay everything off in full! Ugh. Anyway, this entry has made me hungry, I think I'll seamless web myself some Kitchenette. Thanks Visa.


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